Sunday, November 14, 2010

HALFWAY, and.....

20 Week Baby Bump

Our Babes First Pic... 20 Weeks

And It's A...

She will have Daddy wrapped around her little finger!!
(He already knows its going to happen)

I Love being Pregnant!
I couldn't be happier right now!
We are so excited to meet our little Girl! :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pure Bliss...

...A Cruise to the Caribbean!

We loved ever second of it! We went to Grand Cayman, Roatan, Belize, and Cozumel! We played in the sand on the beach, snorkeled with the fish, fed the stringrays, shopped in Mexico, got a little bit of sun, ate alot of food, had a culture shock in Belize (scariest place ever), went to a private resort, ate some more, laughed at the comedians, sang kareoke, laughed at eachother, stayed up all night, tasted tequilla in Mexico, got lost in Miami, went to the everglades, held a real live Alligator, got caught in a rainstorm, ate the most elegant meals, enjoyed late night ice cream and pizza, got waited on hand and foot... the list goes on and on and on! Best Robinson Family vacation! I really have the best in laws ever! Love you all so much! xoxo

Cozumel, Mexico
Robinson Fam on the Beach in Cozumel
Colby and Brit, Regen and Shelese
Cierra, Shalana, Brit, Shelese, Gent
Coming back from Belize... scariest place ever!!
Colby and the Stingray.. We got to touch them, kiss them and feed them. So cool!
One of our nightly towel animals...
Robinson Clan
View of Miami
Yep... held a real live Alligator!
These neck pillows were fabulous...
"We're in Miami Trick..." Gent, Cierra, Regen, Shelese, B, Colb

*We took so many pics... these are just a few. To see more go to my facebook page, there are some hilarious ones!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hats, Costumes, Food, Fun...

I love October! So many fun activities...

Ya-Ya Night!
Ash, GG, Ky, Kaic, Keayra, B, Kierst
Our Annual Witches Night Out! Thanks to Cierra for a fabulous dinner before we left!
Gent, Shalana, Nicole, Brit, Cierra, Jess
We drove in Gent's bus up to Gardner Village...
ok, so on the way up we stopped and got gas. Gent left her wallet on the outside of her bus on accident... It never moved the whole way up! It was a miracle and we laughed so hard about it!

I have the best Family ever!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


The secret is out... I'M PREGNANT!!! Colby and I are expecting Baby Robinson March 29th 2011. I am almost 13 weeks and doing great! We are both so Excited!! :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Life...

We LOVE Summer! We have been busy working, but we have found time to Play! It has been a busy couple of months with Rodeos, BBQ'S, The Annual Smith Superstar Rally, Lake Powell, Fireworks, Lagoon, Steel Days, Parades, Cotton Candy from the Carnival, Birthday's, sleepovers, movies, and Boating!!! These are just a few, but enjoy the pics!

Smith Superstar Rally 2010
Ky, Manda, Mom, B

Lake Powell
Colb on the Air Chair.. so hilarious!

Lehi Round-Up
B, Gent, Cierra
Basking in the Sun on the back of the Boat for Shalana's Birthday! Love you!
Shalana, B, Cierra, Gent
Wakeboarding...before I face planted!
Boating :)
Kaic and B at Lagoon
Skycoaster at Lagoon
After we got SOAKED on Rattle Snake Rapids

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

3 YEARS...

3 years ago today, I made the best decision of my life... I married my best friend in the entire world! I seriously am so lucky to have found him! He knows exactly what to do to make me smile, laugh, cry, get mad or even want to kill him. He knows me better than anyone else ever will! I am so grateful for him and that I get to spend Eternity with him! I would be so lost without him in my life!!

It has been the best 3 years, and I can hardly wait for what is in store for us!! I love you so much honey!!! xoxo

Monday, May 17, 2010

T.Ray Brenchley

My cute friend Jayni had her darling baby boy yesterday morning. He is the most precious thing ever! I wanted to hold him all day! He is so cute and has sooo much blonde hair! Jayni is such a darling little mommy! We are so happy for them! Congrats to Ben and Jayni... and welcome to the world T. Ray!
Thomas "T.Ray" Brenchley Go to her blog for more pics... he is so stinking cute!

Monday, April 12, 2010


We have been so busy lately doing all sorts of things. First off, we love Easter. The Bunny did good!

Happy Easter!!
Colby's Easter Basket.
don't worry... my "easter basket" was really a laundry basket! Colb said it had to be that big to fit all my goodies in! Shalana, my crazy mother in law, got real live bunnies for Easter. They are so cute, and i didn't even get a pic of them!We played with them most of the day on Easter... until one pooped on Colby then he was done! :)

We went to the Jazz game to watch my little dancers perform at Half-time! They did so good and it was a good game to! Thanks Gina for getting a box for ust to party in!

I haven't been very good at taking pics... I have been busy with dance getting ready for performances and competitions, and I have done lots of fun things with my sisters, aunts and g-peg! We have had birthday parties, lunch dates, and sleepovers! i have the best family ever! my bro Gentry Bean got married last week! It was a beautiful wedding! Congrats to them both! He did good, she is a darling girl! Colby has been working in our yard and on finishing the basement! I can't wait til its done! We are both just busy working away and can't wait for the warm weather so we can play in the sun!

Monday, March 22, 2010

"It's My Birthday!"

I love my birthday! I celebrate it all week long! It was a super busy weekend! I didn't do very good at taking pics but it started Thursday at dance with some fabulous surprises and singing, Friday: lunch with mom, Ky, and Ash between cheer try outs and dance competitions, Saturday: dinner after Colby's cousin got married, Sunday: cake and ice cream with the Fam, and Monday: a relaxing night with dinner and a movie with my hubby!

Thank you for all the messages, texts, calls, and fabulous gifts and surprises! :)
Me and my man! "One year older... and wiser!"

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First Time Skiier...

...That's Me! Colby took me night skiing at Sundance for my first time!

Riding up on the Ski Lift (don't mind Colby's black eye)

I actually really liked skiing... once i got the hang of it. The first time on the lift we were getting off the first stop and I went into panic mode for a sec and didn't get off in time. Therefore, i rode clear to the top by myself and had to ski down (luckily colby rode back up to save me) After that i was fine and we went down from the first stop like 5 more times. My knee was hurting the whole time and then i crashed on the very last hill! oops... Strained some ligaments on the outside of my knee! i guess that is why dancers don't ski?!!
My dream of being a downhill skiier in the Olympics is gone! ha i just have to hobble around!
I actually want to go again...someday! Thank you to my cutie husbad for taking me! love you!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I have been a huge slacker on blogging lately... we are still alive and we are doing good, just really busy!

Just a shout out to my cute hubby! We had a great Valentines weekend! So grateful for him and everything he does! Love you! xoxo
(oh ps... yes my hair is dark.. the life of a hairstylist right?)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy 2010!

Merry Christmas To all and a Happy 2010! Christmas was so great this year! i was a slacker on the pics but Christmas Eve we went to my Grandpas house for our annual Smith Party! (we never miss it its too fun!) The later that night we went to the Robinson's for fondue and Christmas PJ's. (We might have had a little extra fun this year, but that part is a secret! ha)
Christmas morning we went down to my Grandma's in Spanish Fork for breakfast, presents, and just some relaxing! Then later that day we went to my parents house for dinner. Yum. Opened Presents, yay. and had some good family fun!
Christmas night we got our gifts from Santa at the Robinson house... to our surprise we opened.... A CRUISE!!! We are going to the Western Carribbean in Septmeber!!! i don't know if i can wait that long, i am so excited!!

Here are a few pics i took over the Holiday!

Christmas Lunch with old dance friends... love these girls!Brit, Brianne, Steph, Josie
The "Festive" Christmas Sweater Party... check out the Holiday Pins as well!
The Girls in our Christmas Jammies
The Robinson Kiddos!Cierra, Colby, Britney, Regen, Gentry

New Years Eve, again i sucked at pics, we went to the Loverdige house and had a fabulous time with good friends! We ate, got a white elephant gift, played games, chatted, laughed and had so much fun we didn't leave until 4 am! Thanks guys!
We hope everyone had a Happy Holiday Season and wish everyone the best in 2010!