Monday, April 28, 2008

Road Trip...

Last weeked Amber and I took a quick road trip to St. George! All we did was lay out in the basking sun, shopped, ate, slept in the most comfy hotel bed with huge fluffy pillows, & laughed a lot! It is always nice to get away for a few days with great friends!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tagged A-Z!

A-Attached or Single: Very much attached!
B-Best Friend: Colby!(of course)
C-Pie or Cake: Oh deffinatley cake! chocolate!
D-Day of Choice: Sunday! its the only day Colb and I are together all day!
E-Essential Items: my FLAT IRON! i can't live without it!
F-Favorite Color: It changes quite often
G-Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Bears!
H-Hometown: American Fork, UT... Go Cavemen!
I-Indulgence: Ice Cream, licorice, Homemade chicken noodle soup,& Gummy Treats (especially peach rings!)
J-January or July: July! I hate Winter
K-Kids: none yet.. in a few years!
L-Life is incomplete without: my husband, Love, the Gospel and Family
M-Marriage Date: June 22, 2007
N-Number of Siblings: Twin sisters! Love Them! 2 fantastic sister in laws, and 1 great brother in law!
O-Oranges or apples: Apples
P-Phobias or Fears: Spiders! I HATE them! they freak me right out! If i see one and scream, Colby always makes me kill it! ah! and i really don't like snakes either!
Q-Quotes: "In all living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured." -Gordon B. Hinckley
R-Reasons to smile: Colby, dancing, sunshine, flowers, music and family
S-Season: Spring! i love when it gets warm and i love all the flowers blooming
T-Tag Friends: Lace B,Jayni,Nichole,Somie,& Al
U-Unknown fact about me: I love bubble baths... with lots of bubbles! (i like to play in them like a little kid)
V-Very Favorite Store: lots! i love to shop! (colby gets mad sometimes! hehe)
W-Worst Habit: popping my knuckels
X-X-Ray, Ultrasound or mammogram: I've never had an ultra sound but everyone says they are the best. (mammograms are weird and x-rays usually are for something that hurts)
Y-Your Favorite Food: Italian
Z-Zodiac: Pisces

Monday, April 14, 2008

Dear Old A.F. High!!

Congratulations to my Little sis Kylie! She is going to be a Senior at AF High and just made Varsity Cheerleader! Saturday The Smith fam got together and had a "Surprise" Congrats party for her! Everyone dressed up in Cavemen colors and came out doing a little cheer and then did a few pyraminds! We are such a cheering fam! GO CAVEMEN!
Colb in a skirt and no shirt... He has crossed over to be a CAVEMEN fan! (and check out his skinny legs!)

Wedding Bells are Ringing...

Meet the Bride... Andrea Andrews

Last weekend all of my girl friends from High School got together for a shower/sleepover to celebrate for Ann! We hung out, Laughed, ate lots of food, played games, opened presents, and got caught up on everyone's busy lives! Some of us even were up until 4:30 AM! It was so good to see everyone! It was like we were young and back in High School again! I loved it! (we missed our friends who couldn't make it) Thanks Meg for being the host and supplying the cabin! And thanks to everyone who helped! Congrats Ann! Love ya!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Colby+Hunting=One Happy Guy

 Colby said I had to put some of his "Cool" Hunting pictures on our blog... so here are a few from his last adventures

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Monday, April 7, 2008



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Our Wedding Day- June 22, 2007

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Britney's First Hunting Experience!

So I had My First Hunting Experience! Colby made me go turkey hunting with him and his brother...and they said I am NEVER invited again! First off, we took my car because of the better gas mileage and we were diggin' in the Mazda! Then, my hands were dry so I put lotion on and they were freaking out that the turkeys were going to smell me. I did everything wrong. I wasn't sneeky enough and I mad too much noise! Colby got me some camo clothing from the archery store and the pants were a size kids! I couldn't even do up the zipper! It was a very exciting time, but looks like I won't be going again!