Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First Time Skiier...

...That's Me! Colby took me night skiing at Sundance for my first time!

Riding up on the Ski Lift (don't mind Colby's black eye)

I actually really liked skiing... once i got the hang of it. The first time on the lift we were getting off the first stop and I went into panic mode for a sec and didn't get off in time. Therefore, i rode clear to the top by myself and had to ski down (luckily colby rode back up to save me) After that i was fine and we went down from the first stop like 5 more times. My knee was hurting the whole time and then i crashed on the very last hill! oops... Strained some ligaments on the outside of my knee! i guess that is why dancers don't ski?!!
My dream of being a downhill skiier in the Olympics is gone! ha i just have to hobble around!
I actually want to go again...someday! Thank you to my cutie husbad for taking me! love you!


Anonymous said...

Oh my heck! Crutches!!! Well your hat looks cute anyway:) I might have to steal the picture for my book of things that i knit... Sorry about your knee!

Anonymous said...

lots of fun! its a good work out too!

Kelsey, Greg, and Olivia said...

I accidentally deleted your comment on my blog. I just didn't want you to think I did it on purpose. Sorry. Thanks for your love and support.