Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Fun...

On the 3rd of July we had our 2nd annual Smith Superstar Rally! We split into 2 team and do different relay races, and games and each winner recieves a point for their team! games include: Licky Lou, Got Milk, Aqua Filla, Ice Cream Drop, Use your noodle, Stick it in the Hole, Sunny Side Up, Thread the Spoon, Pop pop fizz fizz, and a hilarious relay race where you bob for apples, thrown cheetos to stick to shaving cram on a face, dress in crazy clothes, a math problem, and popping water balloons! we have great time! we are an extreamly competitive family, but we love it! I am sure people think we are crazy, but really you are missing out! it is so fun! I made a movie of all of the pics and video footage from last year and we laughed our guts out!We have tons of pics, but here is just a few for ya... ITS LIKE THE OLYMPICS, ONLY MESSIER!

Smith Clan

So we bought a boat! Over the 4th of July we went down to Lake Powell with The Cook's (colby's cousins). It was so so fun! We are so excited to use our boat more! woot woot!

When i was younger we used to go to Lagoon all the time in the summer! We are bringing back our Lagoon Days with my fam! I didn't even take any pics, but we had so much fun!!

My good friend Kristan got married! We are so excited for them!
Kristan's Bridal Shower So fun to get together with all our friends from High School!

I didn't even get a pic of the Happy Couple, but they are darling! She looked amazing! We are so excited for you guys! Congrats Kris and Eric! Love you!