Monday, May 17, 2010

T.Ray Brenchley

My cute friend Jayni had her darling baby boy yesterday morning. He is the most precious thing ever! I wanted to hold him all day! He is so cute and has sooo much blonde hair! Jayni is such a darling little mommy! We are so happy for them! Congrats to Ben and Jayni... and welcome to the world T. Ray!
Thomas "T.Ray" Brenchley Go to her blog for more pics... he is so stinking cute!


Jobi Niu said...

Is he NOT the cutest thing EVER?! I can't get enough of him. Ahhh. You're such a good friend to Jayni. SHe just loves you guys.

Mr Lonely said...
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bateman said...

Brit, you are just as darling as ever. Looks like you and your cute hubby are just loving life! This picture is so precious of Jayni's baby. New babies are one of the best things in life!