Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Life...

We LOVE Summer! We have been busy working, but we have found time to Play! It has been a busy couple of months with Rodeos, BBQ'S, The Annual Smith Superstar Rally, Lake Powell, Fireworks, Lagoon, Steel Days, Parades, Cotton Candy from the Carnival, Birthday's, sleepovers, movies, and Boating!!! These are just a few, but enjoy the pics!

Smith Superstar Rally 2010
Ky, Manda, Mom, B

Lake Powell
Colb on the Air Chair.. so hilarious!

Lehi Round-Up
B, Gent, Cierra
Basking in the Sun on the back of the Boat for Shalana's Birthday! Love you!
Shalana, B, Cierra, Gent
Wakeboarding...before I face planted!
Boating :)
Kaic and B at Lagoon
Skycoaster at Lagoon
After we got SOAKED on Rattle Snake Rapids