Sunday, November 30, 2008


LGC... The Larsen Girls Club! (sorry its a little blurry)

The Larsen Sisters (Queens of the LGC)Mary Lu, Susie, Jule, Shalana

Once a year all the girls on the Larsen side (Colby's mom) get together for a big bash! We do some crafts, eat, laugh, eat some more, talk, craft, eat, laugh... and reveal the Secret Sisters! Every year we draw a Secret Sister and throughout the whole year you do nice things/gifts for that person. Then at the LGC party you reveal who you had and you pick a new one for next year!! It is so dang fun!

Jule (Colby's aunt) was my S.S. and she was Fabulous!!

This year we lost a member of our club... Jody passed away in August! In remembrance of her we all had a pink balloon to let off as we made a wish for her.
It was so cool cause we let them all go at the same time and they never seperated, they stayed clusted until we couldn't seen them anymore.

Susie in her Queen Robe! Oldest member of the LGC!

Gentry, Jessica, Cierra, Jeana, Brit, and Britney... This is the funnest party ever! Everyone looks forward to it every year! and you all should be jealous you're not invited! I married into the greatest family ever! xoxo

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Friends Forever

Last night some of the girls got together for dinner one last time before Heather has her little one! She is going to be a mommy of 2 before Christmas! ah! Love ya Heather and can't wait to see cute Millie Marchbanks!

Cute little pregnant lady!

The Girls

Monday, November 10, 2008


Congrats to two of my friends, Bree and Dani... Married life is the best! I'm so excited for you! Love you, mwah!

Jared and Brianne Johnson...Nov.14, 08 Nauvoo Temple

Tyson and Dani HardingNov. 7, 08 Logan Temple

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This year Colby and I dressed as bikers! The best part of our costme is our awesome HOG... The Scooter! Both of our families are big into Halloween so we had fun playing games, eating, trick-or-treating, taking pics, watching movies, and our traditional Smith Family Halloween parade! We even dressed up at work! I am so glad Colby will dress up and have fun... love him! Love Halloween!

The Smith Fam

The Robinson Crew

Fun Halloween Pics...