Friday, May 15, 2009

I married a I guess I have to shoot a bow!

So when your husband loves to hunt, and he runs an Archery store you have to shoot a bow too! A few weeks ago a group of us went to Redding, CA for a big Archery shoot! It was 3 fun days of shooting targets! i didn't really want to go but I actually had so much fun! We had decent weather, other than the day it poured the entire day and we were all soaking wet, freezing, hungry, and onery! We shot in the morning to mid afternoon and then just played the rest of the time! Went to dinner at some great places, and laughed and had a blast with lots of our friends. Thanks to Crystal we have tons of pics. I just posted a few. We have some pretty hilarious stores about our crappy hotel (we won't be staying at the HO JO next year) and we really loved crusing around in our mini van! Brian looks pretty good in it! We found some fabulous things at Ross and the dollar store (long story ha ha)and i loved spending time with my husband doing what he loves to do! Can't wait til next year!

Humphries Group In Redding,CA
WAHOO! Bullseye from 63 yards!! so proud of myself!
I think Moose are the coolest looking animal ever. I always tell Colb i could maybe have a moose head in my house haha! this might be as close as we get...
Yes this is ME! and Yes this is MY bow!
Colby and Brian
Me and Colb and Cattelmen's Steak House in Redding.


Anonymous said...

Your the one who made it fun! You two are the most awesome couple we have met in a long time! We just want to hang out with you all the time!

Monica said...

I love that your bow is pink :) I have never been strong enough to pull back my dad's bow or my brother's bow so I only shoot the recurve but I think it's still fun trying to hit a target.

emily said...

Hey there! How did you find me? I'm gonna guess through Ashley's blog, but who knows!:) Your blog is so cute...and nice job on the bull's eye! You're my hero!