Saturday, April 18, 2009


Life has been so crazy! I swear it never slows down. For Easter and part of Spring Break I went down to St. George with the in-laws! (everyone but Colby ha ha!)I kept saying i was the tag along in-law! when you have the in-laws I do you would want to tag along too! ha! The weather was so nice! we had so much fun laying at the pool, shopping, watching movies, laughin, and eating junk! My in-laws are the best! The boys came home Sunday night and us girls played til Tuesday! unfortunately, i didn't take one single pic! I could have taken 50 we had so much fun! Love them! Here are a few pics of other things that have been going on...

Kaicee and the horsies... she loved them!

Colb helping Kaicee feed the horses

Litte girls at dance class... they are so fun to teach!

We had so much fun at Shanna's bridal shower, a little too much maybe! (Heather and Cedar were there too, but not in this pic) Congrats Shan! love ya


emmarae said...

you are so funny! you should have stopped me! hope to see you soon (and this time really!)