Saturday, August 15, 2009

Smith Fam Boat Day

We love going boating on our boat!!

oh Ash! hehe
me and ky could have died!
Haha! look at his skinny self! and no... this is NOT his swim suit! Nerd!
Manda, Brit, Dad, Ky
Me and my favorite GG
I really have tons of pics from our Smith Family Boat day... we had so much fun! love you all!


Brady and Jacquel said...

Hi Britney! Wow you and Colby are a blast! My family loves having you guys in the ward! And I know Jake thinks Colby is awesome! Holy Cow, you have a bow! You go girl!!! I know the hunting season is just starting, so I am sure you guys will be really busy! Good Luck, I hope you get a big one!

Anonymous said...

you two are sunburnt little cuties! Looks like a blast but gez louise would you feed that anorexic! HaHa

Kristan & Eric said...

how fun, boating is the best! that is awesome you guys have one alreday...can i say jealous!!