Friday, January 30, 2009


I have recently started teaching dance again! I love it! I teach at Progressions Dance Academy. They just moved to a brand new studio in American Fork. It is so fabulous! We are having an Open House Friday February 6th from 4-8pm so come stop by. The address is 555 E. Main Street! There will be all sorts of fun stuff going on... Hope to see ya there! Dance classes start at age 3-18 in all types of dance, for registration info. call the studio 756-2114


Chanté said...

That's awesome! I've actually been looking for a dance studio for Brecken. But she's two. The only one that I can find that has classes for 2year olds is in Springville!!! So let me know if you end up doing younger classes!

Picket Spence said...

Hey Brit!

It was good to see you today. You look really happy and it seems like marriage is treating you very well.

Stay in touch! Can't wait to see more from your blog!

Loves . . .
Lindsay Spence

Anonymous said...

Just FYI - I am going private with my blog, and I need your email address! Either leave it as a comment on my blog
or email me at
jeswen.33 AT hotmail DOT com. Thanks!

(Jessica Karr - I grew up in the same ward as Colby.)