Sunday, April 6, 2008

Britney's First Hunting Experience!

So I had My First Hunting Experience! Colby made me go turkey hunting with him and his brother...and they said I am NEVER invited again! First off, we took my car because of the better gas mileage and we were diggin' in the Mazda! Then, my hands were dry so I put lotion on and they were freaking out that the turkeys were going to smell me. I did everything wrong. I wasn't sneeky enough and I mad too much noise! Colby got me some camo clothing from the archery store and the pants were a size kids! I couldn't even do up the zipper! It was a very exciting time, but looks like I won't be going again!


Gamblings said...

I'm so happy you did a blog! WaHoo!!! Love the camo too! You guys are so freaken cute!

Penner and Kassidy said...

I'm so glad you made a blogspot! I've been thinking about you lately! How are you? You two look so happy!