Monday, December 21, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

This last weekend my aunts Ash and Somer decided to take GG (my grandma) To Vegas to see Donny and Marie... she loves them! So we took a little road trip... We get to Vegas and check in at the Flamingo, and the show is canceled! Donny is sick! We are shocked, and GG feels like crying! We got our money refunded but decided we drove all the way there we might as well go see another show!

Ash and I waiting for the show to start! I know a guy who is one of Cher's dancers and I have a few friends who said her show is amazing.... Indeed it is! Amazing!!!

We had so much fun! and I want to look like Cher when I am that old (she is almost 70!) We had the best weekend! We laughed so much! We eventually are going back to see the Osmond Show but so glad we saw Cher! Love you ladies so much!What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!


Ann Mitchell said...

I've seen the Osmonds in Vegas when I was at Dixie College, and I've seen them at BYU. I've also seen Cher in concert! She does a fabulous show!!!

Penner and Kassidy said...

Oh Man! That sucks the Show was cancelled! I LOVE Donny sooo MUCH! I saw him a few years ago in concert, and it was good! I would LOVE to see Cher.